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Knowledgeable Staff

Our professional staff are in the colon-hydrotherapy industry at least 8 years. We are members of I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist (I-ACT NO:F-NY2078032). We will make sure that you will get your questions answered before you start in any sessions.

Price List and Packages

Each session will be 45 minutes. During the sessions, you can relax and enjoy the moment in our comfortable environment that we set up just for you.

Ancient Origins

Colonic irrigation is an ancient method of healing and it would never have survived until the present scientific age if it were without value. It is a curious fact that medical practitioners seem to be either in favor of this treatment (and usually quiet about it) or vehemently opposed to its use. The objectors never have any experience of it. Every grown creature probably has an instinctive dislike of its own waste products, and this may explain why the physician is generally so remiss in examining the feces of his patients. There are indications from ancient documents that the Egyptians and the Greeks practiced colon irrigation therapeutically, although their ideas and the benefit to their patients are unknown to us. Hollow reeds and gourds were used to introduce water through the rectum. (By Thomas Dorman, M.D. Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients/July 2006)